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Development and drift of northern shrimp larvae (Pandalus borealis) at West Greenland

  • L. StormEmail author
  • S. A. Pedersen


This is the first study of the West Greenland offshore population of Pandalus borealis in recent history that covers all larval stages. Shrimp larvae were sampled on the fishing banks off the west coast of Greenland from 63.5°N to 67°N in May, June and July. Abundances decreased during the summer as did cumulated mortality rates [0.06 day−1 (ZI) to 0.04 day−1 (ZVI)]. Modelling stage development time as a function of temperature alone by means of the Bělehrádek function \( {[D = a(T + b)^{c} ]} \) gave decreasing stage durations from 22.7 to 16.7 days. Drift buoys showed a northbound current with an average velocity of 0.06 m s−1. Potential spawning grounds of shrimp larvae were located from back-calculation by coupling development times and mortality rates with current velocity. This showed larval transport of up to 500 km. The adult female shrimp abundances were estimated to 0.12–96 females per 100 m2, and locations of the estimated spawning stock agreed with observations from trawl surveys.


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Special thanks are due to J. Titelman (DFU) for patiently commenting on several drafts. We thank the crew of the R.V. "Adolf Jensen" for assistance during the cruises that we participated in, and for supply of samples from the two July cruises when the R.V. "Paamiut", also of GINR, was utilised. The staff and students at the Danish Fisheries Institute (DFU) were always helpful and together with Ø. Fiksen (University of Bergen) they inspired us to see the observations from a new angle. T. Kiørboe, S. Jonasdottir and A. Visser (DFU) and O.S. Tendal (University of Copenhagen) commented on previous drafts. N. Reuss and L.K. Poulsen kindly supplied phytoplankton data. This project was supported by funds from the Danish National Research Council, project no. 9803018 to S.A. Pedersen.


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  1. 1.Greenland Institute of Natural Resourcesc/o National Environmental Research InstituteRoskildeDenmark
  2. 2.Greenland Institute of Natural Resourcesc/o Danish Institute for Fisheries ResearchCharlottenlundDenmark

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