Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 208, Issue 3, pp 671–687 | Cite as

On Tree Form-Factors¶in (Supersymmetric) Yang–Mills Theory

  • K. G. Selivanov


Perturbiner, that is, the solution of field equations which is a generating function for tree form-factors in N=3 (N=4) supersymmetric Yang–Mills theory, is studied in the framework of twistor formulation of the N=3 superfield equations. In the case when all one-particle asymptotic states belong to the same type of N=3 supermultiplets (without any restriction on kinematics), the solution is described very explicitly. It happens to be a natural supersymmetrization of the self-dual perturbiner in non-supersymmetric Yang–Mills theory, designed to describe the Parke–Taylor amplitudes. In the general case, we reduce the problem to a neatly formulated algebraic geometry problem (see Eqs.(70), (71), (72)) and propose an iterative algorithm for solving it, however we have not been able to find a closed-form solution. Solution of this problem would, of course, produce a description of all tree form-factors in non-supersymmetric Yang–Mills theory as well. In this context, the N=3 superfield formalism may be considered as a convenient way to describe a solution of the non-supersymmetric Yang–Mills theory, very much in the spirit of works by E. Witten [1] and by J. Isenberg, P. B. Yasskin and P. S. Green [2].


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  • K. G. Selivanov
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  1. 1.ITEP, B. Cheremushkinskaya 25, Moscow, 117259, Russia.¶E-mail: selivano¶heron.itep.ruRU

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