Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 350, Issue 2, pp 845–891 | Cite as

Distorted Plane Waves on Manifolds of Nonpositive Curvature

  • Maxime IngremeauEmail author


We will consider the high frequency behaviour of distorted plane waves on manifolds of nonpositive curvature which are Euclidean or hyperbolic near infinity, under the assumption that the curvature is negative close to the trapped set of the geodesic flow and that the topological pressure associated to half the unstable Jacobian is negative. We obtain a precise expression for distorted plane waves in the high frequency limit, similar to the one in Guillarmou and Naud (Am J Math 136:445–479, 2014) in the case of convex co-compact manifolds. In particular, we will show \({L_{loc}^\infty}\) bounds on distorted plane waves that are uniform with frequency. We will also show a small-scale equidistribution result for the real part of distorted plane waves, which implies sharp bounds for the volume of their nodal sets.


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