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Small Scale Equidistribution of Random Eigenbases

  • Xiaolong HanEmail author


We investigate small scale equidistribution of random orthonormal bases of eigenfunctions (i.e., eigenbases) on a compact manifold \({{\mathbb M}}\). Assume that the group of isometries acts transitively on \({{\mathbb M}}\) and the multiplicity \({m_\lambda}\) of eigenfrequency \({\lambda}\) tends to infinity at least logarithmically as \({\lambda \to \infty}\). We prove that, with respect to the natural probability measure on the space of eigenbases, almost surely a random eigenbasis is equidistributed at small scales; furthermore, the scales depend on the growth rate of \({m_\lambda}\). In particular, this implies that almost surely random eigenbases on the sphere \({{\mathbb S}^n}\) (\({n \ge 2}\)) and the tori \({{\mathbb T}^n}\) (\({n \ge 5}\)) are equidistributed at polynomial scales.


Manifold Probability Measure Pseudodifferential Operator Nodal Domain Counting Multiplicity 
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