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Local-in-Space Criteria for Blowup in Shallow Water and Dispersive Rod Equations

  • Lorenzo BrandoleseEmail author


We unify a few of the best known results on wave breaking for the Camassa–Holm equation (by R. Camassa, A. Constantin, J. Escher, L. Holm, J. Hyman and others) in a single theorem: a sufficient condition for the breakdown is that \({u_0'+|u_0|}\) is strictly negative in at least one point \({x_0 \in \mathbb{R}}\). Such blowup criterion looks more natural than the previous ones, as the condition on the initial data is purely local in the space variable. Our method relies on the introduction of two families of Lyapunov functions. Contrary to McKean’s necessary and sufficient condition for blowup, our approach applies to other equations that are not integrable: we illustrate this fact by establishing new local-in-space blowup criteria for an equation modeling nonlinear dispersive waves in elastic rods.


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