Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 327, Issue 1, pp 117–149 | Cite as

An Index for Confined Monopoles

  • Robert WimmerEmail author


We compute the index and associated spectral density for fluctuation operators which are defined via the Lagrangian of \({\mathcal{N} = 2}\) SQCD in the background of non-abelian confined multimonopoles. To this end we generalize the standard index calculations of Callias and Weinberg to the case of asymptotically nontrivial backgrounds. The resulting index is determined by topological charges. We conjecture that this index counts one quarter of the dimension of the moduli space of confined multimonopoles.


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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Physique, UMR 5672, CNRS, École Normale Supérieure de LyonUniversité de LyonLyon Cedex 07France

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