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Determinantal Point Processes and Fermions on Complex Manifolds: Large Deviations and Bosonization

  • Robert J. BermanEmail author


We study determinantal random point processes on a compact complex manifold X associated to a Hermitian metric on a line bundle over X and a probability measure on X. Physically, this setup describes a gas of free fermions on X subject to a U(1)-gauge field and when X is the Riemann sphere it specializes to various random matrix ensembles. Our general setup will also include the setting of weighted orthogonal polynomials in \({\mathbb{C}^{n}}\), as well as in \({\mathbb{R}^{n}}\). It is shown that, in the many particle limit, the empirical random measures on X converge exponentially towards the deterministic pluripotential equilibrium measure, defined in terms of the Monge–Ampère operator of complex pluripotential theory. More precisely, a large deviation principle (LDP) is established with a good rate functional which coincides with the (normalized) pluricomplex energy of a measure recently introduced in Berman et al. (Publ Math de l’IHÉS 117, 179–245, 2013). We also express the LDP in terms of the Ray–Singer analytic torsion. This can be seen as an effective bosonization formula, generalizing the previously known formula in the Riemann surface case to higher dimensions and the paper is concluded with a heuristic quantum field theory interpretation of the resulting effective boson–fermion correspondence.


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