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, Volume 254, Issue 2, pp 289–322 | Cite as

White-Noise and Geometrical Optics Limits of Wigner-Moyal Equation for Wave Beams in Turbulent Media

  • Albert C. FannjiangEmail author


Starting with the Wigner distribution formulation for beam wave propagation in Hölder continuous non-Gaussian random refractive index fields we show that the wave beam regime naturally leads to the white-noise scaling limit and converges to a Gaussian white-noise model which is characterized by the martingale problem associated to a stochastic differential-integral equation of the Itô type. In the simultaneous geometrical optics the convergence to the Gaussian white-noise model for the Liouville equation is also established if the ultraviolet cutoff or the Fresnel number vanishes sufficiently slowly. The advantage of the Gaussian white-noise model is that its n-point correlation functions are governed by closed form equations.


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