Design and fabrication of cost-effective and sensitive non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor using Co-doped δ-MnO2 flowers as electrode modifier


The development of a cost-effective and highly sensitive hydrogen peroxide sensor is of great importance. Electrochemical sensing is considered the most sensitive technique for hydrogen peroxide detection. Herein, we reported a cost-effective and highly sensitive hydrogen peroxide sensor using Co-doped δ-MnO2 (Co@δ-MnO2) flower-modified screen-printed carbon electrode. The δ-MnO2 and Co@δ-MnO2 flowers were synthesized by employing a hydrothermal approach. Advanced techniques such as PXRD, SEM, FTIR, Raman, UV, EDX, BET, and TEM were utilized to confirm the formation of δ-MnO2 and Co-doped δ-MnO2 flowers. The fabricated sensor exhibited an excellent detection limit (0.12 μM) and sensitivity of 5.3 μAμM−1 cm−2.

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The authors would like to acknowledge SIC and Discipline of Chemistry, IIT Indore, for research and characterization facilities. We acknowledge the Raman Spectrometer Facility under the FIST Project (SR/FST/PSI/225/2016) of the Discipline of Physics, IIT Indore, for Raman characterization. We would also like to acknowledge SAIF, IIT Bombay, for TEM facility.


S.M.M. acknowledged CSIR (01(2935)/18/EMR-II) and SERB-DST (EMR/2016/001113), New Delhi (India), for the financial support. K.A. thanks UGC, New Delhi (India) for research fellowship (RGNFD).

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