Lelong numbers of bidegree (1, 1) currents on multiprojective spaces


Let T be a positive closed current of bidegree (1, 1) on a multiprojective space \(X={\mathbb P}^{n_1}\times \cdots \times {{\mathbb {P}}}^{n_k}\). For certain values of \(\alpha \), which depend on the cohomology class of T, we show that the set of points of X where the Lelong numbers of T exceed \(\alpha \) have certain geometric properties. We also describe the currents T that have the largest possible Lelong number in a given cohomology class, and the set of points where this number is assumed.

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  • Positive closed currents
  • Plurisubharmonic functions
  • Lelong numbers

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  • Primary 32U25
  • Secondary 32U05
  • 32U40