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Unique tensor factorization of algebras

  • Michael Nüsken
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Tensor product decomposition of algebras is known to be non-unique in many cases. But, as will be shown here, a \(\oplus\)-indecomposable, finite-dimensional \(\mathbb{C}\)-algebra A has an essentially unique tensor factorization \(\) into non-trivial, \(\otimes\)-indecomposable factors \(A_{i}\). Thus the semiring of isomorphism classes of finite-dimensional \(\mathbb{C}\)-algebras is a polynomial semiring \(\mathbb{N}[\mathcal{X}]\). Moreover, the field \(\mathbb{C}\) of complex numbers can be replaced by an arbitrary field of characteristic zero if one restricts oneself to schurian algebras.

Mathematics Subject Classification (1991):16 


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