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Topological classification of holomorphic, semi-hyperbolic germs, in ``Quasi-Absence'' of resonances

  • Pietro Di GiuseppeEmail author


We give the classification, under topological conjugacy, of invertible holomorphic germs f: Open image in new window , with λ 1, . . . ,λ n eigenvalues of d f 0, and |λ i |≠1 for i=2, . . . ,n while λ 1 is a root of the unity, in the suitable hypothesis of ``quasi-absence'' of resonances (i.e., assuming that Open image in new window for r i ≥0 and i=2, . . . ,n, with Open image in new window ).


Topological Classification 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Scuola Normale SuperiorePisaItaly

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