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Exact, Free-Surface Equatorial Flows with General Stratification in Spherical Coordinates

  • D. HenryEmail author
  • C. I. Martin


This paper is concerned with the construction of a new exact solution to the geophysical fluid dynamics governing equations for inviscid and incompressible fluid in the equatorial region. This solution represents a steady purely-azimuthal flow with a free-surface. The novel aspect of the solution we derive is that the flow it prescribes accommodates a general fluid stratification: the density may vary both with depth, and with latitude. The solution is presented in the terms of spherical coordinates, hence at no stage do we invoke approximations by way of simplifying the geometry in the governing equations. Following the construction of our explicit solution, we employ functional analytic considerations to prove that the pressure at the free-surface defines implicitly the shape of the free-surface distortion in a unique way, exhibiting also the expected monotonicity properties. Finally, using a short-wavelength stability analysis we prove that certain flows defined by our exact solution are stable for a specific choice of the density distribution.


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We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under the research grant 13/CDA/2117. The authors would like to thank the reviewer for constructive comments and suggestions.


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