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The participant observer in the formation of economic thought Summa Oeconomiae Perlmanensis

Summa Oeconomiae Perlmanensis
  • Kurt Dopfer


This essay addresses issues related to the History of Economic Thought, Comparative Economic Analysis, and Institutional Economics alluded to in Mark Perlman's “The Character of Economic Thought, Economic Characters, and Economic Institutions”. Specifically, some differences between the strands of American Institutionalism and Schumpeterian economics are brought into focus. Against the background of a review, the ideas of a major participant in the historical analysis of economic thought are discussed. The conclusion is that an evolutionary approach to economics would benefit from any attempt to substitute systematic-discursive theorizing for the received genre of an abstract-deductive approach.

Key words: History of economic thought Ontology Epistemology Participant observer Institutional economics American institutionalism Schumpeterian economics Learning Communication Styles of editing 
JEL-classification: A00-A2; B00-B4; J00; K00 


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