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Modern evolutionary economics – an overview by Richard R. Nelson (and eight others) Cambridge University Press, 272 pages

  • Jan FagerbergEmail author
Book Review

The 1982 book “An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change” by Richard Nelson and Sidney Winter has become a true social science classic, and is the most cited work within the field of innovation studies. However, contrary to the authors’ own aspirations, its uptake by fellow economists has been rather limited. The main purpose of the present volume by Richard Nelson, Giovanni Dosi and other prominent names in the evolutionary economics community is to increase the interest for evolutionary economics among economists of other persuasions, primarily by highlighting what evolutionary economics has to offer in terms of an improved understanding of central economic issues. However, the book is also aiming at a broader audience than just economists. The text is easy to read and understand and does – apart from an appendix on formal modelling (which is not essential for understanding the rest) – not require prior training in economics (or mathematics for that sake).

The book consists of seven...


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