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Book reviews

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Book reviews

Jacob Edler, Stefan Kuhlmann, Maria Behrens (eds.) (2003): Changing governance of research and technology policy. The European Research Area. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK

As I am finishing reading this book and the review of it (late May of 2005), I am glancing at the cover story of the new edition of the magazine The Economist. The headline says: “The Europe that died”. Little in the volume to be reviewed - in spite of the fact of its being concerned with future developments - hints at the problems being discussed so intensively at the moment. But maybe this is just okay. The volume deals only with a small aspect of the process of European Unification: - research and development policies - and not with the overall dynamics of the European unification process. The EU over the last couple of years has put great emphasis on the development of a European science base that should enable the EU-member countries to compete effectively with world wide R&D leaders such as US and Japan. Just...

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