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Book reviews

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Book reviews

Henri, L.F. de Groot, Peter Nijkamp and Roger R. Stough (eds.) (2004): Entrepreneurship and regional economic development. A spatial perspective. Edward Elgar,Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA, pp. ix + 352, ISBN 1-84376-890-9

This volume, the outgrowth of a series of workshops held at the Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a compilation of 14 essays, including an introductory chapter. After the introduction, the book is organized into four parts: Part I is devoted to entrepreneurship and economic development, Part II to spatial variation in drivers of economic development, Part III to empirical case studies and Part IV to theoretical approaches.

The contributors are a diverse group of scholars, including economists and economic geographers, with the result being a heterogeneity of approach, focus and scope. In the Introduction (Chapter 1), Henri de Groot, Peter Nijkamp and Roger Stough state that the purpose of the book is to bring together recent...

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