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Book reviews

  • Frank van Oort
Book reviews

Grant Black (2004): The geography of small firm innovation. ISEN International Studies in Entrepreneurship. Kluwer, Dordrecht, 180 pp., ISBN 1-4020-7612-6

The role accorded to agglomeration economies in determining growth has long been a central theme in urban and regional economics. In theoretical terms, the topic has acquired greater importance in years following seminal contributions by Romer (1986) and Lucas (1988) where economic growth was modelled in an endogenous framework. In these types of models, knowledge spillovers between economic agents, an important source of agglomeration economies, play a crucial role in the growth and innovation process leading to external economies of scale in production. At the core of the new economic growth theory lies the concept of technological change as a non-rival and partially excludable good (as opposed to the neoclassical view of knowledge as an entirely public good). On this basis, new technological knowledge is usually tacit, meaning...

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