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Book reviews

  • Flaminio SquazzoniEmail author
Book reviews

Fiorenza Belussi, Giorgio Gottardi, Enzo Rullani (2003): The technological evolution of industrial districts. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston Dordrecht New York London, 536 pp., euro 144,00, ISBN 1-4020-7555-3

Industrial districts (IDs) are evolutionary networks of heterogeneous, functionally integrated, specialized and complementary firms, which are clustered into the same territory and within the same industry. Geographical and social proximity, as well as linkages with global innovation networks, allow ID firms to improve their capacity of generating, sharing, comparing, selecting and accumulating generic/specific and tacit/codified knowledge that is relevant for the development of their dynamic capabilities. Together with production and knowledge-based relations, ID firms take advantage of their institutional embeddedness and of a dense structure of supporting institutions, which are closely related to the territory. This makes trust, reputation, mutual monitoring and...

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