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  • Maria DaskalakisEmail author

B. Nooteboom, F. Six (eds) (2003): The trust process in organisations: empirical studies of the determinants and the process of trust development. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA, USA, 2003, 243 pp., ISBN 1-84376-078 -9

The standard approach in economics to the problem of the coordination of actions within organizations is governance, command, and control. The background to this approach is a principal-agent framework and the corresponding assumption of opportunistic behavior. In contrast to this, in the neighboring disciplines of economics (sociology, psychology etc.), the coordination problem in organizations is dealt with from a broader perspective. Here, the propensity for trust is seen as one additional element of human conduct, a possible alternative to the economic perspective when the problem of coordination is given.

The book reviewed here focuses on the social interaction in organizations as a specific economic situation in which trust plays a crucial rule. The...


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