Research on design and manufacturing of gear slicing cutter for circular arc tooth


The gear slicing technology has a wide range of applications, not only for involute gear but also for non-involute gear such as circular arc. Previous research shows that gear slicing is very suitable for the production of an RV reducer with high efficiency and precision. In view of this, a design method for slicing cutter is proposed aiming at the circular arc tooth in pinwheel housing of an RV reducer, and the cutter manufacturing and gear slicing experiments have been done. Firstly, two kinds of rake faces are provided, including plane rake face and curved rake face. Then, the working rake angle and relief angle are calculated and analyzed, and a comparison is made, which indicates that the curved rake face is more reasonable in theory. According to the shape characteristics of this kind of surface, a point-grinding method is proposed using a single-sided bevel wheel. At last, the above two kinds of slicing cutters are designed based on the parameters of the pinwheel housing in an RV40E reducer and manufactured on a five-axis grinding machine. The cutting experiment shows that the machining precision is high enough to meet the requirement of the workpiece.

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This work was supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin (Grant No. 18JCQNJC75200) and Tianjin Jingcheng Machine Tool Co. LTD (No. HX200134).

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Peng Wang proposed the detailed method and carried out the formula derivation and theoretical analysis. Lin Han and Fucong Liu were responsible for the experimental work. Jia Li proposed the research idea and technical scheme.

Peng Wang was responsible for completing the article. Lin Han and Jia Li were involved in the discussion and significantly contributed to making the final draft of the article. All the authors read and approved the final manuscript.

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Correspondence to Peng Wang.

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  • Gear skiving
  • Cutter design
  • Cutter face grinding
  • Non-involute tooth surface machining
  • Pinwheel housing of an RV reducer