Determinant assembly approach for flat-shaped airframe components


The optimization of the aeronautical structure manufacturing is a challenging task in the development of a new aircraft. To date, aeronautical industries are funding research about new assembly approaches based on cost reduction and increased efficiency of the assembly processes. The work here presented focused on an innovative assembly method based on the integration between statistical methods of tolerance prediction and the determinant assembly approach. The coupling tolerances between airframe components are predicted through statistical approach in order to reduce the features manufactured in assembly. This aspect contributes to a reduction of the costs due non-recurring costs. The method proposed has been tested on a dedicated case study developed in the frame of the “integrated main landing gear box” project on the CleanSky2 Research program. Tests have been conducted to check the consistency of the method and its feasibility in the industrial contexts in the case of flat-shaped component. The performed experiments confirmed the analytical study.

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  • Determinant Assembly
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