A novel technique for arthroscopic reduction and repair of a bucket-handle meniscal tear


We present a new technique designed for the reduction and repair of bucket-handle meniscal tears. After assessing the rotation of the displaced tear fragment of the meniscus, the centrally displaced portion of the tear is vertically pierced with a suture hook enabling passage of a No. 0 PDS suture, both limbs of which are retrieved out of the joint. Next, using a spinal needle and a shuttle relay system, both ends of the No. 0 PDS on the femoral and tibial surfaces of the meniscus are extricated outside the joint capsule. In the final step, reduction of the displaced fragment is achieved by pulling on the PDS suture and the same suture is used for repair too, after which additional sutures are applied. This is a useful technique, which affords the benefit of rotational reduction of a bucket-handle meniscal tear using a single suture, as well as improved maneuverability for freshening of the tear margins prior to repair and additional suturing, and finally for repair as a full-thickness vertical suture.

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  • Bucket-handle meniscal tear
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