Intermittent statistics of the 0-mode pressure fluctuations in the near field of Mach 0.9 circular jets at low and high Reynolds numbers


The present paper reports an investigation of the statistical properties of pressure fluctuations in the near field of subsonic compressible jets. The data-base analyzed has been obtained numerically by DNS and LES of two single-stream circular jets, having diameter-based Reynolds numbers of 3125 and 100,000 and Mach number 0.9, respectively, initially laminar and highly disturbed. Pressure fluctuations are extracted from several virtual probes positioned in the near field of the jets and covering a region from 0 to 20 diameters in the axial direction and from 0.5 to 3 diameters in the radial. An azimuthal decomposition of the pressure fluctuations is performed, and the statistical analysis is applied to the axisymmetric 0-mode component and compared to the results obtained from the full original signals. The intermittent behavior is investigated by the estimation of standard statistical indicators, such as probability distribution functions and flatness factor, as well as through conditional statistics based on the application of the wavelet transform. It is shown that downstream of the potential core, intermittency estimated through the traditional indicators is relevant even at the lowest Re for the full signals, whereas it is apparently not significant for the 0-mode component. The wavelet analysis provides an estimation of intermittency scale-by-scale and allows for the calculation of a frequency-dependent FF. This approach reveals that the 0-mode component has a relevant degree of intermittency around the frequencies associated with the Kelvin–Helmholtz instability. The statistics of the intermittent events, in terms of their temporal appearance and energy content, are shown to be weakly sensitive to the jet Reynolds number and the universal behavior can be reproduced by simple stochastic models.

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