Single-walled boron nitride nanotube as nano-sensor


Nowadays, the eye-catching characteristics of boron nitride nanotubes, in particular, the capability of sensing nano-objects, have opened up new prospects to develop the bio-/nano-sensing technologies. This research deals with physically affected single-walled boron nitride nanotubes (SWBNNT) as nano-sensors for sensing attached nanoscale objects. Three different boundary conditions including simply supported at both ends, clamped-free and clamped-clamped are considered to illustrate the vibrational behaviour of SWBNNTs as nano-sensor. The Rayleigh and Timoshenko beam theories are employed to model the SWBNNT. Also, the nonlocal strain gradient model is utilized to capture the size-dependent effects. One of the major factors in the scrutiny of mass nano-sensors is pertinent to the variation in frequency shift magnitudes against the number and mass weight values of attached nanoparticles. Herein, the effects of the nonlocal and material length scale parameters, the number and location of nano-objects, the rotary inertia and mass weight magnitudes of attached nanoparticles, the aspect ratio of SWBNNT, electrical potential and different boundary conditions on the variation in frequency shift and resonant frequency are analysed.

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