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Monochromatic surface waves on impermeable boundaries in two-component poroelastic media

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The dispersion relation for surface waves on an impermeable boundary of a fully saturated poroelastic medium is investigated numerically over the whole range of applicable frequencies. To this aim a linear simplified model of a two-component poroelastic medium is used. Similarly to the classical Biot’s model, it is a continuum mechanical model but it is much simpler due to the lack of coupling of stresses. However, results for bulk waves following for these two models agree very well indeed which motivates the application of the simplified model in the analysis of surface waves. In the whole range of frequencies there exist two modes of surface waves corresponding to the classical Rayleigh and Stoneley waves. The numerical results for velocities and attenuations of these waves are shown for different values of the bulk permeability coefficient in different ranges of frequencies. In particular, we expose the low and high frequency limits, and demonstrate the existence of the Stoneley wave in the whole range of frequencies as well as the leaky character of the Rayleigh wave.

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Albers, B., Wilmański, K. Monochromatic surface waves on impermeable boundaries in two-component poroelastic media. Continuum Mech. Thermodyn. 17, 269–285 (2005).

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