Ring structure theorems and arithmetic comprehension


Schur’s Lemma says that the endomorphism ring of a simple left R-module is a division ring. It plays a fundamental role to prove classical ring structure theorems like the Jacobson Density Theorem and the Wedderburn–Artin Theorem. We first define the endomorphism ring of simple left R-modules by their \(\Pi ^{0}_{1}\) subsets and show that Schur’s Lemma is provable in \(\mathrm RCA_{0}\). A ring R is left primitive if there is a faithful simple left R-module and left semisimple if the left regular module \(_{R}R\) is semisimple. The Jacobson Density Theorem and the Wedderburn-Artin Theorem characterize left primitive ring and left semisimple ring, respectively. We then study such theorems from the standpoint of reverse mathematics.

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  • Reverse mathematics
  • Schur’s Lemma
  • The Jacobson Density Theorem
  • The Wedderburn–Artin Theorem

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  • 03B30
  • 03D15