Journal of Population Economics

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A reply to Walker’s note: A comment on Taşiran’s ‘Wage and income effects on the timing and spacing of births in Sweden and in the United States’

  • Ali C. Taşiran


Walker (1997) criticizes one of the conclusions in my book Tas¸\iran (1995), that Heckman and Walker’s very high negative wage rate and positive income effects on Swedish fertility are very sensitive. In this paper, I explain, first, that my results are not only based on the series Walker mentions, but also on other series in both SFS and HUS data sets. Second, the combined aggregate and micro wage series he criticizes is mainly derived with Heckman and Walker. Third, by discussing the points he raises for the combination strategy, I show that his revised results are also supporting my conclusion.

JEL classification: C41 J13 
Key words: Fertility wage and income effects duration models 


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  • Ali C. Taşiran
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  1. 1.School of Social and Administrative Studies (SOCAS), University of Wales, 50 Park Place, Cardiff CF1 3AT, United Kingdom (Fax: (+44) 1222 874 803)GB

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