A clinician’s remorse

Alarms blare,

Lights glare

Machines bleep,

The child, asleep.

Tubed and wired,

Drugged and tired

Beneath the sheets,

A heart beats!

Charts to fill,

Labs to chase

What a daze,

This number maze!

Lactates jump,

Bicarb we pump

Bugs in lumps,

Having goosebumps!

‘Teico’ and ‘mero’

Our pet hero!

So much ‘vanc’

I am blank

What’s left? Colistin?

Then bring it in!

Poor kid!

Caught in a grid,

What was the history?

Oh that’s the mystery!

Generations apart,

With gadgets smart

As senses wane,

Lost is the art!

Where do we go?

We blind sheep

What we sow,

So shall we reap!


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