Timing of sediment-hosted Cu-Ag mineralization in the Trans-Hudson orogen at Janice Lake, Wollaston Domain, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • José Perelló
  • Víctor A. Valencia
  • Paula Cornejo
  • John Clifford
  • Alan J. Wilson
  • Greg Collins


The Janice Lake Cu-Ag mineralization in the Wollaston Domain of northern Saskatchewan is hosted by a metasedimentary sequence in the upper part of the Wollaston Supergroup of the Trans-Hudson orogen. The Wollaston Supergroup was deposited between ~ 2070 and 1865 Ma in a foreland basin setting constructed over Archean basement of the Hearne craton. The Trans-Hudson orogen underwent final collision and peak metamorphism at ~ 1810 Ma, during consolidation of Laurentia and its amalgamation with the Columbia supercontinent. Titanite is a common constituent of the post-peak metamorphic assemblages of Trans-Hudson lithotectonic units and accompanied disseminated sediment-hosted Cu sulfide mineralization at Janice Lake. Titanite crystals, intergrown with chalcocite over a strike-length of ~ 2 km of Cu-bearing stratigraphy, were dated by the ID-TIMS and LA-ICP-MS U-Pb methods, returning an age range from 1780 to 1760 Ma and a weighted average age of 1775 ± 10 Ma. The titanite ages effectively date the associated chalcocite-dominated sediment-hosted Cu-Ag mineralization and its formation during initial post-orogenic uplift and cooling, ~ 30 myr after peak metamorphism. The age-range and tectonic setting of the Janice Lake mineralization confirms that sediment-hosted Cu mineralization was an integral part of the metallogenic endowment of Columbia and that its emplacement coincided with the continental-scale Trans-Hudson orogeny rather than with diagenesis and extensional basin development ~ 100 myr earlier.


Sediment-hosted Cu mineralization Trans-Hudson orogen Wollaston Supergroup Janice Lake Titanite ages Post-peak metamorphism 



We thank Natalie Thompson for her assistance during work at the core library of the Saskatchewan Precambrian Geological Laboratory, La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Terry Blackburn for assistance with ID-TIMS dating, and Héctor Poblete for figure drafting. Antofagasta Minerals S.A. funded the analytical work and Transition Metals Corporation provided in-kind support at La Ronge. The manuscript benefited from reviews by Richard Sillitoe and Thomas Hart. Gary Delaney and Armin Zeh conducted formal reviews on behalf of Mineralium Deposita.

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