Pinning Synchronization Control for a Class of Dynamical Networks with Coupled Time-Varying Delays: An Interval-Observer-Based Approach


This paper is concerned with the pinning synchronization control issue for a class of discrete-time complex dynamical networks. By resorting to the interval observer approach, a novel pinning synchronization control strategy is adopted to control a small fraction of the network nodes with hope to reduce the implementation cost. By using the Lyapunov stability theorem, some synchronization criteria have been derived to ensure the desired synchronization performance. Finally, a numerical simulation is presented to illustrate the effectiveness and usefulness of the theoretical results.

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This work was supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 61873169, the Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai [Grant No. 18ZR1427000], the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation [Grant No. 2019TQ0202] and the Shanghai Pujiang Program [Grant No. 19PJ1408100].

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  • Complex dynamical networks
  • Pinning control
  • Interval observer
  • Synchronization control
  • Coupled time-varying delay