Large deformations of 1D microstructured systems modeled as generalized Timoshenko beams

  • A. Battista
  • A. Della Corte
  • F. dell’Isola
  • P. Seppecher


In the present paper we study a natural nonlinear generalization of Timoshenko beam model and show that it can describe the homogenized deformation energy of a 1D continuum with a simple microstructure. We prove the well posedness of the corresponding variational problem in the case of a generic end load, discuss some regularity issues and evaluate the critical load. Moreover, we generalize the model so as to include an additional rotational spring in the microstructure. Finally, some numerical simulations are presented and discussed.


Nonlinear elasticity Generalized Timoshenko beam Microstructured beam Non-convex variational problems 

Mathematics Subject Classification

74B20 49J45 


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  1. 1.Uiversité de La RochelleLa RochelleFrance
  2. 2.M&MoCS, Research CenterUniversity of L’AquilaL’AquilaItaly
  3. 3.University La SapienzaRomeItaly
  4. 4.IMATH-Université de ToulonToulonFrance

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