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On the space of compacta with dense set of points with non-single valued nearest point mapping

  • T. Radul


The function \( p_K: {\Bbb R}^n \to {\rm exp}({\Bbb R}^n) \) called nearest point mapping is well-known: for a given compact set \( K \subset {\Bbb R}^n \), p K associates to each \( x \in {\Bbb R}^n \) the set of all points of K closest to x. T. Zamfirescu has shown that the set \( {\cal K} _p \) consisting of all compacta K, for which p K is non-single valued at densely many points, has the complement in \( {\rm exp}\, {\Bbb R}^n \) of the first Baire category [8]. We show in this paper that the space \( {\cal K}_p \) is homeomorphic to the Hilbert space; moreover, it is contained in \( {\rm exp}\, {\Bbb R}^n \) as the pseudo-interior in the Hilbert cube without some point.


Hilbert Space Point Mapping Baire Category Hilbert Cube 


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  • T. Radul
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  1. 1.Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Lviv State University, Universytetska St., 1, UA-290602 Lviv, UkraineUA

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