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, Volume 106, Issue 1, pp 73–79 | Cite as

On behaviour of holomorphically contractible systems under non-monotonic sequences of sets

  • Arkadiusz Lewandowski
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The new results concerning the continuity of holomorphically contractible systems treated as set functions with respect to non-monotonic sequences of sets are given. In particular, continuity properties of Kobayashi and Carathéodory pseudodistances, as well as Lempert and Green functions with respect to sequences of domains converging in the Hausdorff metric are delivered.


Invariant pseudodistances Kobayashi pseudodistance Carathéodory pseudodistance Pluricomplex Green function Hausdorff distance 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 32F45 Secondary 32H02 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Institute of MathematicsJagiellonian UniversityKrakówPoland
  2. 2.Science Institute, School of Engineering and Natural SciencesUniversity of IcelandReykjavíkIceland

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