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, Volume 105, Issue 5, pp 453–459 | Cite as

On trace ideal weighted composition operators on weighted Fock spaces

  • Tesfa Mengestie


We recently described the Schatten \({\mathcal{S}_{p}}\) class membership of weighted composition operators on Fock–Sobolev spaces and a large class of weighted Fock spaces, where the weights defining such spaces are radial and satisfy a certain mild smoothness condition, in terms of a simple L p integrability condition whenever p ≥ 2. We continue that line of research to extend and complete the gap when 0 <  p <  2.


Fock–Sobolev spaces Weighted Fock spaces Weighted composition operator Schatten class membership 

Mathematics Subject Classification

31B05 39A12 31C20 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mathematical SciencesStord/Haugesund University College (HSH)StordNorway

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