From Clifford’s Theory of Consciousness to A New Quantum Model of the Mind

  • Charlotte Riedberger


From the highly interesting and original Cliffordian concepts of “mind-stuff” and “eject”, I have derived some hypotheses about the possible new categories of the mind I have been working upon in ref. (1). Henceforth, drawing from Freud’s own conception of the psychic apparatus, I give an account of what might constitute a new psychoanalytic and philosophical approach to Consciousness. More precisely, I propose new definitions of both the Conscious and the Unconscious systems and suggest there exists another agency that I have named the Exconscious system. In my new topography of the psychic apparatus, this new system corresponds to the superposition of the two other systems, unlike the Freudian Preconscious (which I have thus replaced). Interestingly, this new notion of superposition was already present in germs in Clifford’s pioneering approach and is one of the leading hypotheses of Penrose’s work.


Clifford exconscious mind-stuff eject quantum superposition complex time originary scene emergence 

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  1. 1.Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences SocialesParisFrance

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