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Where Is It and Where Is It Going? A Comprehensive Look at GPS Asset Location Systems, Part 2

  • John W. Lavrakas
  • Glenn C. Marshall

In the previous article we covered what asset location systems (ALS) are and the features and benefits they offer. In this article we explore the various features to be considered when acquiring an ALS and steps to be taken. We discuss what users are saying they want in an ALS, including the results of a survey of vehicle tracking system users and providers.


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  • John W. Lavrakas
    • 1
  • Glenn C. Marshall
    • 2
  1. 1.Advanced Research Corp., 8195 Spire Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80919US
  2. 2.Global Tracker Systems, 140 Wuthering Heights Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921US

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