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Almost Regular Triangulations of Trimmend NURBS-Solids

  • Alexander Fuchs

An algorithm for constructing triangulations of three-dimensional trimmed NURBS-solids is described. Ideally, such triangulations consist entirely of congruent tetrahedra with nearly equal edges. The new feature of this method is that the position of the vertices is adjusted before any connecting edges are assigned. This leads to grids with very few irregular vertices, i.e. most interior vertices are shared by 24 tetrahedra, as for regular tessellations of R 3 with congruent tetrahedra.

Keywords:Almost regularity; Delaunay tetrahedra; NURBS-Solids; Tessellation of R 3 


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  • Alexander Fuchs
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Mathematics A, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, GermanyDE

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