Vegetation History and Archaeobotany

, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp 219–225 | Cite as

Postglacial vegetation history in Luxembourg: new charcoal data from the cave of la Karelslé (Waldbillig, eastern Gutland)

  • Jean-Marie Pernaud


The archaeological site of La Karelslé (Waldbillig, Luxembourg) provides the first important charcoal sequence in Luxembourg for the development of Holocene plant cover. During the Pre-boreal, the results show open woodland vegetation dominated by Pinus sylvestris type in association with Betula sp. and Rosaceae. After an important gap covering the Boreal and the early Atlantic, the data reveal the dominance of a deciduous Quercus woodland with Tilia sp., Fraxinus excelsior and Corylus avellana. Finally during the sub-Boreal, the assemblages indicate a cooler and wetter climate and Quercus woods with Fagus sylvatica and Taxus baccata. There is no clear evidence for human impact.

Key words: Luxembourg – Vegetation history – Mesolithic – Neolithic – Bronze Age – Charcoal analysis 


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  • Jean-Marie Pernaud
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  1. 1.UMR 7041 CNRS ArcScan “Archéologies environnementales”, M. A. E., 21 allée de l'université, F-92023 Nanterre cedex, France. E-mail: pernaud@mae.u-paris10.frFR

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