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Amenable representations and dynamics of the unit sphere in an infinite-dimensional Hilbert space

  • V.G. Pestov


We establish a close link between the amenability property of a unitary representation \( \pi \) of a group G (in the sense of Bekka) and the concentration property (in the sense of V. Milman) of the corresponding dynamical system \( ({\Bbb S}_{\pi}, G) \), where \( {\Bbb S}_{\cal H} \) is the unit sphere the Hilbert space of representation. We prove that \( \pi \) is amenable if and only if either \( \pi \) contains a finite-dimensional subrepresentation or the maximal uniform compactification of \( ({\Bbb S}_{\pi} \) has a G-fixed point. Equivalently, the latter means that the G-space \( ({\Bbb S}_{\pi}, G) \) has the concentration property: every finite cover of the sphere \( {\Bbb S}_{\pi} \) contains a set A such that for every \( \epsilon > 0 \) the \( \epsilon \)-neighbourhoods of the translations of A by finitely many elements of G always intersect. As a corollary, amenability of \( \pi \) is equivalent to the existence of a G-invariant mean on the uniformly continuous bounded functions on \( {\Bbb S}_{\pi} \). As another corollary, a locally compact group G is amenable if and only if for every strongly continuous unitary representation of G in an infinite-dimensional Hilbert space \( {\cal H} \) the system \( ({\Bbb S}_{\cal H}, G) \) has the property of concentration.


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