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A Fefferman-Graham-like expansion for null warped AdS3

  • Monica Guica


We consider null warped AdS 3 solutions of three-dimensional gravity coupled to a massive vector field. We isolate a certain set of non-propagating solutions to the equations of motion, which we argue are the ones relevant for understanding the stress tensor sector of the dual field theory. We construct a map from these modes to solutions of three-dimensional Einstein gravity with a negative cosmological constant, and thus show that they admit a Fefferman-Graham-like asymptotic expansion. We also compute the renormalized on-shell action for these modes at full non-linear level and propose that the dual stress-energy tensor couples to the boundary metric of the auxiliary AdS 3 spacetime. The holographic stress tensor we obtain is symmetric, conserved and its trace yields the same conformal anomaly as in AdS 3.


Gauge-gravity correspondence AdS-CFT Correspondence 


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