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Gauge mediation with gauge messengers in SU(5)

  • Luis Matos


The inclusion of gauge messengers in models of gauge mediation allows for more general predictions that those described by the framework of general gauge mediation. Motivated by this, we explore some models of gauge mediation with gauge messengers in SU(5) GUTs.

In most previous attempts of building viable models where gauge messengers play a role in determining the soft terms, squark and/or slepton masses turned out to be tachyonic. The objective of this paper is to address this problem and propose two possible solutions, one of which has a natural realization in the solution of the doublet-triplet problem.

Another interesting result is that in these models the association of SUSY breaking with the breaking of the GUT group provides a simple mechanism that can explain why SU(5) → SU(3) × SU(2) × U(1) is preferred over other symmetry breaking patterns.


Beyond Standard Model Supersymmetric Standard Model Supersymmetric Effective Theories 


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