Mind the gap: supersymmetry breaking in scaling, microstate geometries

  • Orestis Vasilakis
  • Nicholas P. Warner


We use a multi-species supertube solution to construct an example of a scaling microstate geometry for non-BPS black rings in five dimensions. We obtain the asymptotic charges of the microstate geometry and show how the solution is related to the corresponding non-BPS black ring. The supersymmetry is broken in a very controlled manner using holonomy and this enables a close comparison with a scaling, BPS microstate geometry. Requiring that there are no closed time-like curves near the supertubes places additional restrictions on the moduli space of physical, non-BPS solutions when compared to their BPS analogs. For large holonomy the scaling non-BPS solution always has closed time-like curves while for smaller holonomy there is a “gap” in the non-BPS moduli space relative to the BPS counterpart.


Black Holes in String Theory AdS-CFT Correspondence 


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