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Charged dilatonic ads black holes and magnetic AdS D−2 × R 2 vacua



We consider D-dimensional Einstein gravity coupled to two U(1) fields and a dilaton with a scalar potential. We derive the condition that the analytical AdS black holes with two independent charges can be constructed. Turning off the cosmological constant, the extremal Reissner-Nordstrøm black hole emerges as the harmonic superposition of the two U(1) building blocks. With the non-vanishing cosmological constant, our extremal solutions contain the near-horizon geometry of AdS2 ×R D−2 with or without a hyperscaling. We also obtain the magnetic \( \mathrm{Ad}{{\mathrm{S}}_{D-2 }}\times {{\mathcal{Y}}^2} \) vacua where \( {{\mathcal{Y}}^2} \) can be R 2, S 2 or hyperbolic 2-space. These vacua arise as the fix points of some super potentials and recover the known supersymmetric vacua when the theory can be embedded in gauged supergravities. The AdSD−2 × R 2 vacua are of particular interest since they are dual to some quantum field theories at the lowest Landau level. By studying the embedding of some of these solutions in the string and M-theory, we find that the M2/M5-system with the equal M2 and M5 charges can intersect with another such M2/M5 on to a dyonic black hole. Analogous intersection rule applies also to the D1/D5-system. The intersections are non-supersymmetric but in the manner of harmonic superpositions.


Black Holes Classical Theories of Gravity Supergravity Models 


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