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Half-integer higher spin fields in (A)dS from spinning particle models

  • Olindo Corradini


We make use of O(2r + 1) spinning particle models to construct linearized higher-spin curvatures in (A)dS spaces for fields of arbitrary half-integer spin propagating in a space of arbitrary (even) dimension: the field potentials, whose curvatures are computed with the present models, are spinor-tensors of mixed symmetry corresponding to Young tableaux with \( \frac{D}{2} - 1 \) rows and r columns, thus reducing to totally symmetric spinor-tensors in four dimensions. The paper generalizes similar results obtained in the context of integer spins in (A)dS.


Gauge Symmetry Supergravity Models Sigma Models 


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  3. 3.Centro de Estudios en Física y Matemáticas Basicas y AplicadasUniversidad Autónoma de ChiapasChiapasMexico

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