Journal of High Energy Physics

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Wilson loops in \( \mathcal{N} = 2 \) superconformal Yang-Mills theory

  • Roman Andree
  • Donovan Young


We present a three-loop \( \left( {\mathcal{O}\left( {{g^6}} \right)} \right) \) calculation of the difference between the expectation values of Wilson loops evaluated in \( \mathcal{N} = 4 \) and superconformal \( \mathcal{N} = 2 \) super-symmetric Yang-Mills theory with gauge group SU(N) using dimensional reduction. We find a massive reduction of required Feynman diagrams, leaving only certain two-matterloop corrections to the gauge field and associated scalar propagator. This “diagrammatic difference” leaves a finite result proportional to the bare propagators and allows the recovery of the ζ(3) term coming from the matrix model for the 1/2 BPS circular Wilson loop in the \( \mathcal{N} = 2 \) theory. The result is valid also for closed Wilson loops of general shape. Comments are made concerning light-like polygons and supersymmetric loops in the plane and on S 2.


Supersymmetric gauge theory AdS-CFT Correspondence 


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  1. 1.Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut für PhysikBerlinGermany

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