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Counterterms in semiclassical Hořava-Lifshitz gravity

  • Gastón Giribet
  • Diana López Nacir
  • Francisco D. Mazzitelli


We analyze the semiclassical Hořava-Lifshitz gravity for quantum scalar fields in 3 + 1 dimensions. The renormalizability of the theory requires that the action of the scalar field contains terms with six spatial derivatives of the field, i.e. in the UV, the classical action of the scalar field should preserve the anisotropic scaling symmetry (tL 2z t, \( \vec{x} \to {L^2}\vec{x} \), with z = 3) of the gravitational action. We discuss the renormalization procedure based on adiabatic subtraction and dimensional regularization in the weak field approximation. We verify that the divergent terms in the adiabatic expansion of the expectation value of the energy-momentum tensor of the scalar field contain up to six spatial derivatives, but do not contain more than two time derivatives. We compute explicitly the counterterms needed for the renormalization of the theory up to second adiabatic order and evaluate the associated β functions in the minimal subtraction scheme.


Models of Quantum Gravity Renormalization Regularization and Renormalons 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Gastón Giribet
    • 1
  • Diana López Nacir
    • 1
  • Francisco D. Mazzitelli
    • 1
  1. 1.Departamento de Física, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y NaturalesUniversidad de Buenos Aires and IFIBA, CONICET. Ciudad UniversitariaBuenos AiresArgentina

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