The Abelian heterotic conifold

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We study heterotic supergravity on the conifold and its 2 orbifold with Abelian gauge fields and three-form flux. By taking a limit of large five brane charge, we are able suppress non-linear curvature corrections and construct exact supersymmetric solutions. At large distances, these solutions are generically locally Ricci-flat, have a magnetic flux through the two-sphere at infinity as well as non-zero five-brane charge. For a given flux, our family of solutions has three real parameters, the size of the pair of two spheres in the IR and the dilaton zero mode. We present an explicit analytic solution for a decoupled near horizon region which is not asymptotically locally Ricci-flat and where for a given flux, the size of the cycles is frozen and the only parameter is the dilaton zero mode. We also present an exactly solvable worldsheet CFT for this near horizon region. When one of the two cycles has vanishing size, the near horizon region no longer exists but nonetheless we obtain a solution on the (unorbifolded) resolved conifold.


Flux compactifications Superstrings and Heterotic Strings Superstring Vacua 


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  3. 3.Sorbonne Universités, Institut Lagrange de ParisParisFrance

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