Randall-Sundrum and strings

  • Matthew Reece
  • Lian-Tao Wang


We investigate stringy excitations in Randall-Sundrum effective theories for electroweak symmetry breaking arising from embedding in string theory. RS is dual to a confining gauge theory, which we expect to have “QCD strings”, or color flux tubes. Stringy constructions of RS-like theories allow us to investigate the mass of these string states, which typically grows with a small fractional power of the number of colors N of the dual gauge theory. There are two known strong constraints on N for RS-like theories. The first arises from demanding that the Standard Model gauge couplings do not have a Landau pole at low scales. The second arises from demanding that the first-order confining phase transition in the early universe is able to proceed without leaving an empty universe, i.e. that the rate of bubble nucleation is not too small. We find that these constraints on N imply that string states are generically at most a factor of a few heavier than the lightest KK states, and we cannot self-consistently remain in the limit N,λ ≫ 1. We examine various string constructions of AdS or RS-like backgrounds, including orbifolds, theories on M5-branes, theories on D4-branes, and the recent F-theory construction of Polchinski and Silverstein. In every case we find that there are strong bounds on the mass of new stringy states. We briefly discuss important phenomenological implications due to the presence of such light stringy excitations, such as precision electroweak and flavor observables, as well as collider signals.


Strings and branes phenomenology Phenomenology of Field Theories in Higher Dimensions 


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