The light asymptotic limit of conformal blocks in Toda field theory

  • Hasmik Poghosyan
  • Rubik Poghossian
  • Gor Sarkissian
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We compute the light asymptotic limit of A n−1 Toda conformal blocks by using the AGT correspondence. We show that for certain class of CFT blocks the corresponding Nekrasov partition functions in this limit are simplified drastically being represented as a sum of a restricted class of Young diagrams. In the particular case of A 2 Toda we also compute the corresponding conformal blocks using conventional CFT techniques finding a perfect agreement with the results obtained from the Nekrasov partition functions.


Conformal and W Symmetry Supersymmetric gauge theory 


Open Access

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  • Hasmik Poghosyan
    • 1
  • Rubik Poghossian
    • 1
  • Gor Sarkissian
    • 1
    • 2
  1. 1.Yerevan Physics InstituteYerevanArmenia
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsYerevan State UniversityYerevanArmenia

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